Happy Holidays everyone! Today, the original hosts ArrrCee and dumptruck are together again! On the show we have VuRkka, a long time Quaker but a some what new mapper on the scene! We talk to him about his first year of Quake mapping, we talk about his amazing COOP map called Forever Lost (watch dumptruck and ArrrCee play it, link below) and we talk about his work on a soon to be released Finnish inspired map pack!

--BONUS: Find out whe Newhouse's Blue Episode is coming out!

--DOUBLE BONUS: listen to dumptruck try to pronounce some Finnish map names (SPOILER: it doesn't go well...).

Watch ArrrCee and Dumptruck play Lost Forever:

Play Forever Lost yourself:

Play Blackened Call:

Check out ArrrCee on Youtube:

Check out dumptruck on Youtube:

Join the Quake Mapping Discord:

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