Our guest this time is one of the Quake community’s MVPs: ericw. Eric has been involved in Quake mapping for years but in the past few he’s transition...View Details

This episode brings prolific Theif, Half-Life and Quake mapper skacky to the show. Skacky was recently recruited by 3DRealms for their currently unann...View Details

Our guest SleepwalkR has been active in the Doom, Quake and Quake 2 communities for many years as a mapper and developer. His most recent project is T...View Details

Our guest for this episode is Andrew Yoder, currently a professional level designer at Digital Extremes. Andrew started mapping early on with Unreal T...View Details

Our guest for episode four is Bal, a recipient of the inaugural Quake Award for Best Map Visuals. We’ll discuss his winning Xmas Jam 2017 map “A Warm ...View Details

Welcome to another episode of The Quakecast! This week Joshua Skelton joins us on the show. He is one half of the team that worked on the game Delver ...View Details

Our second episode brings our first interview. Ionous has been a top Quake mappers for many years. Hear how he got into mapping back in 2002 then got ...View Details

Welcome to the first episode of the Quakecast! No guests this time as ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds discuss the current state of affairs in the Quake scene...View Details

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