Chillo! Who dares add lady bits (and horns) to a Shalrath? Chillo.. that’s who! Quake modeler Chillo joins ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds to explain his m...View Details

"What is your dream mod for Quake?" We reached out to some of our followers and asked them what mod they've always wanted to play in Quake. Enjoy imag...View Details

Yep, we’re early this week dear listeners! This episode covers the impressive Kickstarter-backed “retro” FPS Prodeus. Currently in production, P...View Details

NationWideMoose joins ArrrCee and dumptruck to celebrate the U.S. Quake Community Discord. It's a recent, but growing community, welcoming players of ...View Details

This week ArrrCee and dumptruck escape to another universe! The Quake 2 universe that is. Donde takes us on a decades-long journey through the worldwi...View Details

Zelda Meets Quake? Why not? ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds compare notes on one of their favorite game franchises. Then our first guest Ionous returns with ...View Details

Our guest this week is Jeremiah 'KillPixel' Fox, whom is not only a Quaker but also the master mind behind the upcoming 3D Realms game Wrath: Aeon of ...View Details

Our guest this week is Fred Schreiber, Vice President and Executive Producer at 3D Realms as well as founder and Managing Director of Slipgate Studios...View Details

Our guest this week is onetruepurple. OTP's a self proclaimed Quake "purist," unofficial Quake historian, trivia ace and curator of the humorous @quak...View Details

After having a couple of guests fall through for this weeks episode, ArrrCee and Dumptruck are taking matters into their own hands! Today they talk ab...View Details

Our guest this week wears many hats. He’s a 3D artist, mapper, tools programmer and Quake C coder to name just a few. This week hear how Kreathor go...View Details

Quake 1.5 is one of the hottest mods on the scene right now. In this episode, ArrrCee and dumptruck welcome 1.5 creator Bloodshot. We’ll explore his...View Details

Long time Quake community member Shambler schools us on all things Quake in this episode. His TEAMShambler and PlanetQuake Level of the Weeks reviews ...View Details

Episode 11 brings Tumbler's “Quake Guy” himself, FifthElephant to the show. Fifth is currently working on the “Untitled Quake Engine Project” ...View Details

ArrrCee and dumptruck are flying as a duo this week, so what could they have to talk about!? Well, these Quakedads, of course, talk about some things ...View Details

ArrrCee and dumptruck are joined this week by Daz, a professional level designer at Splash Damage and a longtime contributor to the Quake community. B...View Details

Our guest this time is one of the Quake community’s MVPs: ericw. Eric has been involved in Quake mapping for years but in the past few he’s transi...View Details

This episode brings prolific Theif, Half-Life and Quake mapper skacky to the show. Skacky was recently recruited by 3DRealms for their currently unann...View Details

Our guest SleepwalkR has been active in the Doom, Quake and Quake 2 communities for many years as a mapper and developer. His most recent project is T...View Details

Our guest for this episode is Andrew Yoder, currently a professional level designer at Digital Extremes. Andrew started mapping early on with Unreal T...View Details

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