Quakecast #63 Kebby_

To see Kebby_'s work in action, you can watch a video of this podcast on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/roRcgvrpdtoKebby_ is a modeler, animator and m...View Details

Game design legend John Romero joins ArrCee and dumptruck_ds on our humble little podcast! Topics include: What Quake could have been like if things h...View Details

​ @GGRC  is back with dumptruck_ds for this special episode dedicated to the creation of "Dimension of the Machine." This is the highly regarded, bran...View Details

Quakecast #60 Alkaline

Greenwood and bmFbr join dumptruck_ds for a deep dive into their new base-focused mod Alkaline. Alkaline greatly expands the base enemy roster & a...View Details

"The Punishment Due" is a well-received new mini-episode for Quake from Juzley. You may recognize the name "Juz" from the Quake 3 modding and mapping ...View Details

When the global pandemic halted his career overnight, Carlos "REVEL" Lizarraga decided use this time to make a game. This episode examines Carlos' adv...View Details

Quakecast #57 - smej2

smej2 a.k.a Epäpuhtauksien Virta (Torrent of Impurities) is a massive new single player and coop episode from a dedicated group of Finnish mappers. Th...View Details

Jpal joins Greenwood and dumptruck to discuss his journey from his first ever installation of Quake on a Pentium 100 to his mapping rampage in 2020. L...View Details

ryanscissorhand's "Arms of Asgard" is an ambitious new "complete weapons conversion" mod for Quake, currently in beta for both single player and multi...View Details

Chris Holden, lead level designer for 3DRealm's upcoming fantasy FPS Graven reveals how the team is using a blend of old and new technology to create ...View Details

fairweather joins us in this episode to chat up the fantastic new multi-episode Quake project "Dwell." Among other things, we'll discuss why the team ...View Details

Nico and m3ssia school dumptruck_ds on the latest developments in the Quake multiplayer community in North America and beyond. In a small amount of ti...View Details

Quakecast #51 - zigi

NOTE: At around 6 minutes in the podcast there is a missing section of audio. Sorry for the confusion. It was just dumptruck_ds transitioning to the n...View Details

To celebrate episode 50, JCR and dumptruck_ds welcome ArrrCee back to the show to catch him up on recent Quake releases and share a deep dive into Doo...View Details

Yeshche odin otlichnyy podkast! Michael Markie is a composer of game music, a sound designer, a competitive player and a Quake mapper. In this episode...View Details

Greenwood is back with more of his Vanilla Scoops! Great maps you may have missed from across the Quake Mapping universe. Also a quick preview of some...View Details

Dumptruck welcomes Ivar Hill to discuss his in-development, indie shooter Core Decay. Inspired by games like Descent, Deus Ex and the System Shock ser...View Details

Quakecast #46 m3ssia USQW

Our guest this episode is m3ssia from US QuakeWorld. Get an update on their weekly events and hear all out their mapping test server. This new system ...View Details

Greenwood joins the Quakecast with a new series of map reviews that examine the best vanilla maps per author. Explore hidden gems from the Quaddicted ...View Details

Programmer Shifty joins JCR and dumptruck for a deep dive into Qodot (Quh-doh). The new plug-in for the Godot game engine. Want to make 3d maps for in...View Details

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