Quakecast #51 - zigi

NOTE: At around 6 minutes in the podcast there is a missing section of audio. Sorry for the confusion. It was just dumptruck_ds transitioning to the n...View Details

To celebrate episode 50, JCR and dumptruck_ds welcome ArrrCee back to the show to catch him up on recent Quake releases and share a deep dive into Doo...View Details

Yeshche odin otlichnyy podkast! Michael Markie is a composer of game music, a sound designer, a competitive player and a Quake mapper. In this episode...View Details

Greenwood is back with more of his Vanilla Scoops! Great maps you may have missed from across the Quake Mapping universe. Also a quick preview of some...View Details

Dumptruck welcomes Ivar Hill to discuss his in-development, indie shooter Core Decay. Inspired by games like Descent, Deus Ex and the System Shock ser...View Details

Quakecast #46 m3ssia USQW

Our guest this episode is m3ssia from US QuakeWorld. Get an update on their weekly events and hear all out their mapping test server. This new system ...View Details

Greenwood joins the Quakecast with a new series of map reviews that examine the best vanilla maps per author. Explore hidden gems from the Quaddicted ...View Details

Programmer Shifty joins JCR and dumptruck for a deep dive into Qodot (Quh-doh). The new plug-in for the Godot game engine. Want to make 3d maps for in...View Details

JCR and dumptruck_ds welcome ComradeBeep, Fairweather and Glans for part 2 of our deep dive into this year's Xmas Jam map pack. Download Xmas Jam 2019...View Details

JCR and dumptruck_ds welcome Ionous, Heresy and Greenwood to the show in a new format for the new year. The annual Xmas Jam is one of the highlights o...View Details

Happy Holidays everyone! Today, the original hosts ArrrCee and dumptruck are together again! On the show we have VuRkka, a long time Quaker but a some...View Details

A sprawling conversation with Andrew Yoder (a.k.a. McLogenog) starting with the latest Halloween Jam, touching on the next release of Arcane Dimension...View Details

Immorpher is a dark ambient composer who has generously offered his music to Quake and Doom mappers alike. His day job involves biophysics (making use...View Details

All good things must come to a... temporary end! Don't worry, The Quakecast is not ending or anything, but ArrrCee steps back into the co hosting chai...View Details

PuLSaR had been mapping for Quake for many years before taking a Half-Life 2 hiatus in the mid 2000’s. His Rabbit Hole mod eventually lead to a job in...View Details

Quakecast #36 - Vectronom

George Droste, co-founder of indie developer Ludopium joins dumptruck_ds in an in-depth conversation about their innovative new rhythm game "Vectronom...View Details

This week, ArrrCee and JCR welcome MFX of Quake mapping fame! MFX begins by telling us how he originally got started mapping back around the release o...View Details

ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds are excited to welcome video game composer Andrew Hulshult this week. A partial list of his work includes Dusk, Amid Evil, Qu...View Details

Prolific Quake mapper, coder and game developer Qmaster joins ArrrCee and dumptruck_ds on episode 33. Hear about the "Keep" Quake mod that adds litera...View Details

Jehar has been involved in Doom and Quake broadcasting since 2008, which at the time meant a crappy mic and a shoutcast station, with bandwidth provid...View Details

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