Episode 11 brings Tumbler's “Quake Guy” himself, FifthElephant to the show. Fifth is currently working on the “Untitled Quake Engine Project” for 3DRealms after a prolific career that includes maps for Arcane Dimensions and the Unreal Tournament series. Indeed, FifthElephant’s first Quake map was a reinterpretation of an Unreal Tournament map! This episode covers how mapping for Quake kept him sane during a difficult period in his life and how now he’s enjoying his “mid-life” crisis in the fast lane. Also hear a lot more about the surprising history of Arcane Dimensions and much more.

Fifth's Quake maps: https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/?filtered=FifthElephant

Quakeguy Tumblr: https://quakeguy.tumblr.com/

3d Realms: https://3drealms.com/

FifthElephant on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GavinEdgington

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