Our guest for episode four is Bal, a recipient of the inaugural Quake Award for Best Map Visuals. We’ll discuss his winning Xmas Jam 2017 map “A Warm Welcome Home” and his newest creation for this year’s Xmas Jam. We’ll hear why he came back to mapping after a long hiatus and about his contributions to the legendary mod “The Seal of Nehahra.”. We’ll also cover his day job in the art department at Quantic Dreams in Paris and the tiny critters that keep him company while mapping. All this and more. See links to Bal’s work below.


You can find Bal on Twitter @BafuBal

Play Bal's Quake 3 Maps: https://lvlworld.com/author/Bal

Play Bals' award winning Quake 1map form the Xmas Jam 2017:  https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/func_xmasjam2017.html

Check out the write up for Bal's award winning map here: http://www.quakeawards.com/2018-award-winners/

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