Our guest for this episode is Andrew Yoder, currently a professional level designer at Digital Extremes. Andrew started mapping early on with Unreal Tournament and stayed with the series for many years developing his skills in multiplayer map design. Andrew is a new addition to the single player Quake mapping scene and we’ll hear how he seeks to expand the range of gameplay possibilities with experimental designs. We’ll also hear about his contributions to the multiplayer game Paladins which he spoke about at the 2018 Game Developers Conference. Other topics include his in-development-mod Happy Quake and breaking into the game industry with a degree in History.


Andrew's Blog: https://andrewyoderdesign.com/

Andrew's Design Blog: https://mclogeblog.wordpress.com/

Paladins: https://www.paladins.com/

Digital Extremes: https://www.digitalextremes.com/

Andrew's Quake Maps: https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/?filtered=andrew+yoder 

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