ArrrCee and dumptruck are joined this week by Daz, a professional level designer at Splash Damage and a longtime contributor to the Quake community. Before working on Gears: Tactics, Daz’s popular Custom Gamer YouTube channel showcased level design highlights from Quake, Half-Life 2 and a multitude of other titles. Hear how he got into reviewing maps, his views on the game industry and the truth about his elusive mapping partner Drannerz. Also this week, dumptruck shares his recent experience at the Retro City Festival classic gaming show!

The Daz Dranz Level Cave:

Daz reviewed DM maps for MPQ back in the day: 

Daz’s AvP2 map review site "The Derelict": 

Daz’s solo mapping website: 

Daz’s current website: 

Custom Gamer youtube channel (rip): 

Daz on Twitter: 

dumptrucks’s Retro Cities photos:

Boss Fight Books:

Gameboy Junky:

Retro City Festival:

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